Partial Blacklist of Egyptian Police Officers Accused of Torture

The Egyptian Anti-Torture Association and the Association of the Legal Support issued an initial blacklist of names of the police officers who were tried, are under trial or their names have been reported in tortures or killings of citizens inside police stations by the state security headquarters or prisons, as a prelude for a longer blacklist to be issued soon and it will include more than 600 officers according to the two associations who are members in the civil human rights coalition that includes 42 anti- torturing organizations.

The names of the officers in this partial list are:

Mohamed Hassan Rashed, Zagazig public prison
Wael Nour, handling “the religious file” in Jabir Ibn-Hayyan and responsible for torture of most detainees in Giza
Ashraf Safwat, Hadaiq Al-Quba state security and currently being tried on charge of killing a citizen by torture
Khaled Al Garhi
Tarek Abdul Fattah, Warraq state security 
In addition, a number of police officers have been involved in fabricating political cases as in the case of the organization of Al-Taifa Al-Mansoura “the triumphant sect” and have been accused of torturing several defendents charged with belonging to the fake organization; these officers are,

Mohamed Hisham (nickname Ahmed Hazem).
Hisham Haroun, Maadi-based state security.
Mohamed Abdul Moneim, Lazughali prison
-The most famous among torture officers, is an officer with the nickname of “Al-Hamzawi”. Unfortunately, real name is unavailable 

In addition to Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Salem, the official in charge of the religious file in Shibin El Kanatar state security prison and who was involved in detentions and several torture cases including 10 residents of Al-Qanater and Abu Zabal in December 2003.

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