Parties Confirm: Formation of Egyptian Parliament Seeks Consensus, No Exclusions

Parties Confirm: Formation of Egyptian Parliament Seeks Consensus, No Exclusions

A number of political parties as well as the Democratic Alliance for Egypt (DA), led by the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), issued a statement on the Office of the People’s Assembly (PA) formation. During an international press conference, Monday, at FJP headquarters, those parties suggested to their respective parliamentary committees that the party with the majority of seats – that is the FJP – should nominate the PA speaker.

Conference attendees also suggested that the following two parties, in order of majority of seats – namely: Al-Nour and Al-Wafd – should nominate the speaker’s two deputies.

The statement highlighted the importance of coordination among all parties represented in the PA for formation of committee offices, taking into account representation of independent MPs as well as experiences and competencies appropriate to positions of responsibility.

The statement was signed by several parties including the FJP, Al-Nour, Karama, Reform and Development Party, Construction and Development Party and The Egyptian Social Democratic Party. The said parties stated that they offer these suggestions only to ensure that the Parliament of the revolution is free from all forms of domination, hegemony, exclusion, marginalization, conflict, polarization and discord. They added that they want the new parliament to reflect national consensus among all the political, social and ideological spectra of the homeland, which may have competed in the elections, but are ready to cooperate to work together now.

The above parties confirmed that they offer these proposals out of an awareness of their collective responsibility to achieve the desired success for the first truly democratic experience in Egypt, indeed due to the enormous weight of this responsibility and the burden of the tasks and duties to come, as well as the critical nature of the current stage.