PA’s Internal Elections Are Against The Out Standing, Says Hamdi Hassan

PA’s Internal Elections Are Against The Out Standing, Says Hamdi Hassan

Hamdi Hassan “the media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc” denied in an interview with ikhwanweb what was published about the call of Fathi Sorour, the People”s Assembly speaker, to MB and independent MPs to participate in PA”s internal elections. 

He stated that a delegation of independent MPs went to Fathi Sorour to discuss their representation in the PA”s, and that they are 25% of the PA”s which gives them the right of representation, but Dr. Sorour refused that and told them that the NDP MPs are the ones who decided that, not Dr. Sorour the People”s Assembly speaker, so the MB and independent MPs decided to boycott these elections for that  if they participate in these elections, they will give them legitimacy,  but if they boycott them, then this will be an evidence of the failure of these elections.

Hassan confirmed that the policy of the National Party does not accept the other or any political competition, and that they apply the policy of illegal obsession, besides that they do not cooperate with anyone as they have personal interests which they refuse to be rejected by anyone, there are also laws which they are sticking to pass and defend them, so the existence of any independent MP will reveal the defect of these laws.

He stressed: “The MB MPs position of the boycott is very clear, and that no one of them decided to contravene the boycott, but  some of the independent MPs contravened it and we do not know the reasons of that,” then he stated that the reason behind giving the word of the independent members to the MP  Mustafa Bakri, despite the fact that this should be done by lot according to the standing order, to the fact that this is the only time when Dr. Sorour have the least number of members during the past seventeen years, he also stressed on the independents”  right of representation in the general committee if they were more than 10 members, according to the standing order, adding, so what if they are 25% of the members, this shows the exclusionary policy of the National Party.  

He revealed that the exclusionary policy is used by the NDP many years ago against the independent members, he cited what had happened when Dr. Akram Al Shaeer (member of the parliamentary bloc of the Muslim Brotherhood) won the position of Under Secretary of the Health Committee, which resulted in a kind of political hysteria that affected the NDP, then all the independent members have been excluded from representation in any committee despite their large proportion in the PA”s.
Hassan accused the heads of the committees of their inability to exercise any kind of responsibility, adding that the NDP MPs are passing laws dictated by the party leaders without regard to the interests of the people.

He confirmed that the political confrontation is existing, and that there is not any kind of dialogue between the independent and the NDP MPs, as that there is an absolute majority in passing laws, and there is no societal dialogue on the laws that they passed. 

He stressed that the government lacks specialized dialogue that reflects the interests of the people where the opposition could react, and where laws will based almost entirely on examining negative laws, which is considered as a kind of political assassination of the PA”s independent MPs.  

He revealed that there are many laws that contain defects such as those laws of antitrust that have been amended in 24 hours by one of the members, and that this amendment is not required at this time but what is required is to confine those laws of defects, and trying to cooperate with the people and specialists to accelerate passing laws for the people”s interest and not for personal interests.

The  PA”s committees elections were yesterday Wednesday November 12, where the Muslim Brotherhood and the majority of the independent members boycotted these elections because of depriving them of representation in the PA”s, which led to question the legitimacy of these elections and violate regulations applied in most countries of the world.