PCHR: 1,019 IOF assaults on Palestinian media

PCHR: 1,019 IOF assaults on Palestinian media

 The Palestinian center for human rights (PCHR) has said that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) had launched hundreds of attacks on Palestinian media and journalists in a bid to “silence the press”.

The center in its 12th report in this regard published on Tuesday said that 237 assaults cover the area from 1-11-2007 to 31-8-2009 including the latest IOF war on Gaza.

It noted that three journalists were killed in that period all in the Gaza Strip while 52 others were injured in 68 shooting incidents.

The PCHR monitored 60 incidents in which journalists were detained, 32 were blocked from carrying out their duties, and in 15 incidents the journalists’ IDs or equipment and press material were confiscated.

It said that the total number of those attacks in the period from 28-9-2000 to 31-8-2009 thus rose to 1,019.

The center asked the concerned parties to immediately intervene to provide protection for the Palestinian people and their property and to pressure Israel into halting its crimes against Palestinian civilians in general and journalists in particular.