PCHR report: IOF troops killed 110 Palestinians including 27 children in a week

PCHR report: IOF troops killed 110 Palestinians including 27 children in a week

A report issued by the Palestinian center for human rights (PCHR) said that the Israeli violations of international and humanitarian laws seriously escalated in the Gaza Strip during the period between 28th of February and 5th of March, where the IOF troops killed 110 Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip including 27 children and six women.

The report, which prepared statistics and details about the genocides committed by Israel during the few past days in Gaza, added that the IOF troops also wounded 236 Palestinians including 58 children and 11 women, pointing out that a large majority of Palestinian deaths and injuries were unarmed civilians.

According to the report, 69 of the Palestinian victims including 20 children and three women were killed in a two-day military operation waged by IOF troops against the northern Gaza Strip in Jabalia preceded by intense air strikes.

It underlined that the IOF troops employed their sophisticated arsenal and used excessive force without any consideration to the lives of Palestinian civilians, where IOF warplanes fired 36 missiles in the middle of densely populated areas.

The report said that occupation forces also obstructed the work of medical crews and even fired at them, killing a paramedic and wounding another one seriously as well as destroying a number of Palestinian ambulances.

Some of the heinous facts cited in the report was that four Palestinian children, including three from the same family, were killed by Israeli air strikes when they were playing football near their homes, while a fifth child was killed by an Israeli missile while grazing animals in Beit Lahia.