Perceptions of the MB – An International Struggle

Perceptions of the MB – An International Struggle

A London-based counter-extremism think tank has leveled criticism at the British government over its intention to officially visit Muslim Brother headquarters in Egypt .

Amid growing concern over liaising with Islamist groups, including the MB, a former CIA official has issued a warning that the MB will use power to discard the treaty with Israel . As Israel is the US ‘s major ally in the region this warning has been heeded.

The recent referendum in Egypt served to strengthen the Muslim Brotherhood and it is now in the best political position in Egypt .

The recent referendum brought about significant constitutional changes that have enabled elections to take place in the next six months.

It is believed that the MB may obtain up to 40% of seats in parliament, making it the largest representative in government.

The MB’s greatest effect will be seen if other opposition groups band together with it. Regardless, the US and Israel feel they would be targets of any MB power gain, despite the continued statements issued by the MB that it is committed to the formation of a civil society based on social justice and that it will honor international treaties made by the former regime.

The US and Israel are afraid the MB will seek to demonize Israel, even though Israel’s well-known military reactions and excessive use of force against Palestinians, particularly in the Gaza Strip, are well-documented.

In a fearful reaction to the MB’s legitimate growth and increasing power, Israel is concerned that Egypt , under the influence of the MB, will call for a review of the treaty with Israel .

As American funding flows to Israel due to this treaty, Israel is genuinely worried.

The MB is well-known for advocating democracy and non-violence; however, their support for Hamas constitutes a threat to Israel which is becoming increasingly nervous with the changes happening throughout the region.

The US and Israel can not allow themselves to believe that the MB is willing and able to engage in politics and be a stabilizing element in Egypt without the use of violence,even though the MB’s behavior during the January 25th Revolution was exemplary.

If the MB secretly harbored the desire the use violence, the revolution would have been the best time to lash out.

The Muslim Brotherhood does not apologize for its commitment to Islamic values and ethics and its desire to build their nation on a high level of civilization while uniting Muslims on mercy and piety.  

The Muslim Brotherhood has formed a new political party called the Freedom and Justice party in response to the changes in the country after the January 25th Revolution.

The MB led the way throughout the turbulent years of Mubarak’s regime, working with opposition forces and organizing charity work, support and advocacy for the Egyptian population.

There are newly-emerging political groups in Egypt ‘s now open political arena but the MB has a distinguished legacy of respect within Egyptian society and noted determination to advocate for Egypt ‘s best interests.

Unfounded US fears that the MB is modeling itself on Iran has led the US to be concerned that the group will dismantle the 1979 peace treaty with Israel and oppose US interests in the Middle East. This is so, despite the fact that the Brotherhood has consistently shown itself as a moderate Islamic force.

By forming the new Freedom and Justice party, the MB is showing that it does not fear complying with the country’s rules and in doing so it has legitimately entrenched itself in Egypt’s political arena.