• March 11, 2007

Petition: No to Govt’s Assault on Opposition; No to Military Tribunals

Petition: No to Govt’s Assault on Opposition; No to Military Tribunals

Here’s the petition against the military tribunals and the initial list of signatories…

No to Government’s Assault on the Opposition, No to Military Tribunals
We, the undersigned who belong to a diverse spectrum of parties and political tendencies, strongly condemn the regime’s decision to refer tens of Muslim Brotherhood senior members to military courts, denying them the right, as civilians, to a fair trial in front of an ordinary judge. We also express our solidarity with the liberal dissident Dr. Ayman Nour, who is denied his legal rights in prison–regardless of the political or intellectual differences that may exist between us.


We, the undersigned, see that the regime’s move to prosecute civilians in military courts and enforcing a siege on Dr. Nour, in addition to other worrying developments, as a sign that the authorities insist on maintaining their tyrannical rule, based on repressing freedoms, subverting the will of the people and besieging real opposition powers.
We are fully aware of the government’s current serious measures, as they reflect the insistence of Mubarak and his minions on making their authority everlasting, consolidating their powers and maintaining their dictatorship.
Our political responsibility obliges us, we the undersigned, to consider the attack against Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) Party and the Muslim Brothers as an attack against all of us–regardless of the political differences–and obliges us to unite ranks to confront the regime’s attack via peaceful means.

  1. 1- Ibarahim Eissa, Editor in Chief of Ad-Dostour
    2- Abeya el-Banhawi, member of the Afro-Egyptian Human Rights Organization
    3- Ibrahim Mansour, journalist and member of the Press Synidcate Council
    4- Abul Ezz el-Hariri, Tagammu Party MP
    5- Dr. Ahmad el-Ahwani, Professor of Engineering, Cairo University
    6- Ahmad el-Basha, Engineer
    7- Dr. Ahmad el-Mahdi, university professor
    8- Ahmad Badawi Abdel Hamid, Helwan University Engineering student
    9- Ahmad Bahaa Eddin Sha’aban, Engineer and Kefaya member
    10- Ahmad Zein, journalist
    11- Ahmad Seif el-Islam Hamad, Lawyer and director of the Hisham Mubarak Law Center
    12- Ahmad Taha el-Naqr, Journalist and writer
    13- Ahmad Fouad Negm, Poet
    14- Ahmad Mahgoub, Poet and writer
    15- Ahmad Mohamed, Sales Manager
    16- Ahmad Mahmoud, Teacher
    17- Ahmad Mustafa, Salesman
    18- Dr. Ahmad Younis, Journalist and writer
    19- Osama Ahmad, Student and member of the Center for Socialist Studies
    20- Osama Anwar Okasha, Scenarist
    21- Asmaa Ali, Student at Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University
    22- Ismail Suleiman, Tagammu Party Secretary in Alexandria
    23- Ashraf Ayoub, Tagammu Party
    24- Ashraf Hefni, Tagammu Party in North Sinai
    25- Ashraf Galal, Telecommunication Engineer
    26- Elham Eidarous, Translator
    27- Elhami el-Merghani, Economic consultant
    28- Amira Abdel Hakim, National Center Against Domestic Violence
    29- Amin Youssri, Former Abassador and Political Writer
    30- Dr. Amina Rashid, Academic and writer
    31- Ayman Helmi, Musician and Translator
    32- Ayman Ebeid, Arab Medical Association
    33- Ihab Abdel Hamid, Ad-Dostour journalist
    34- Bothaina Kamel, TV journalist
    35- Bahaa Saber, Journalist
    36- Bahaa Taher, Writer and Novelist
    37- Bahei Eddin Hassan, Executive Director of the Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies
    38- Tamer Wagieh, Researcher at the Center for Socialist Studies
    39- Gamal Fahmi, Journalist and member of the Press Syndicate Council
    40- Gamal Mohamed
    41- Dr. Gamal Nassar, Writer and philosopher
    42- Dr. Gouda Abdel Khaleq, Economics professor at Cairo University and Tagammu Party member
    43- George Ishaq, Education expert and Kefaya member
    44- Gehan Sha’aban, Journalist and member of Center for Socialist Studies
    45- Hazem Ghorab, Journalist
    46- Hafez Abu Saeda, Executive director of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights
    47- Hossam Bahgat, Executive director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights
    48- Hossam el-Hamalawy, Journalist and member of the Center for Socialist Studies
    49- Dr. Hossam Eissa, University professor
    50- Dr. Hossam Abdallah, Fertility-Sterility specialist in The United Kingdom
    51- Hassan Hussein, Journalist
    52- Dr. Hassan Hanafi, Cairo University professor and writer
    53- Hassan Abdallah, Secretary of Progressive Youth Union in North Sinai
    54- Hassan Mahmoud, Director of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentarian block’s media center
    55- Dr. Hassan Nafa’a, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University
    56- Hosni Abdel Rehim, Energy engineer and writer
    57- Hussein Abdel Razek, journalist and leftist writer
    58- Helmi Sha’arawi, director of the Afro-Arab Research Center
    59- Hamdi Hussein, labor activist
    60- Hamdi Abdel Aziz, Sawasiya Center for Human Rights
    61- Dr. Hamdi Abdo el-Hennawi, Development consultant
    62- Hamdin Sabbahi, Member of Parliament and co-founder of Karama Party
    63- Dr. Hamdi Zob’a, Doctor and writer
    64- Hanin Hanafi, Researcher and member of the Center for Socialist Studies
    65- Khaled el-Balshi, journalist
    66- Dr. Khaled Fahmi, New York University professor
    67- Khaled Youssef, Film director
    68- Khalil Enani, Journalist at El-Siyassa el-Dawliya Periodical
    69- Dr. Rabab el-Mahdi, University lecturer and member of the Center for Socialist Studies
    70- Dr. Radwa Ashour, Ain Shams University professor and writer
    71- Dr. Ra’ouf Abbas, Historian and writer
    72- Dr. Reeham Mustafa, Dentist
    73- Dr. Zaki Salem
    74- Zeinab Abdel Hamid el-Hadari, teacher
    75- Sara Mohamed, Translator
    76- Sameh el-Barqi
    77- Sameh Naguib, researcher with the Center for Socialist Studies
    78- Dr. Sami el-Agouz, Chemist
    79- Saher Gad, Journalist
    80- Sai’d el-Soweirki, journalist
    81- Salama Ahmad Salama, editor of Weghat Nazr magazine
    82- Salma Said Abdel Fattah, Translator
    83- Salwa Gaber Abdel Nabi, Accountant
    84- Suleiman Youssef, Agricultural Engineer
    85- Samir el-Wassimi, Journalist and political researcher
    86- Samir Hosni, theatre play director
    87- Samir Said Ali, Accountant
    88- Dr. Samir Eleish, Civil Society activist
    89- Dr. Suzan Fayyad, Doctor and director of Nadim Center for the Rehabilitation of victims of violence
    90- Dr. Sayyed el-Bahrawi, University professor and writer
    91- Shahinda Meqlad, peasant and socialist activist
    92- Safinaz Kazem, literary critic and writer
    93- Sabri el-Sammak, Cinematographer
    94- Salah Adly, Director of Socialist Afaq Center
    95- Sonaalaah Ibrahim, Writer and novelist
    96- Dr. Diaa Rashwan, Expert with the Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies
    97- Tarek Beshri, Former judge, writer and historian
    98- Tarek Abdel Gawwad, Sales manager
    99- Tarek Nawwara
    100- Adel el-Mashad, board director o Sigma Electronics
    101- Adel Suleiman
    102- Dr. Aida Seif el-Dawla, Pscycology Professor at Ain Shams University
    103- Dr. Abdel Gelil Mustafa, Professor of Medicine at el-Qasr el-Eini
    104- Dr. Abdel Halim Qandeel, Editor of Karama newspaper
    105- Dr. Abdel Hamid Ghazali, Economics professor at Cairo University
    106- Abdel Rahman Moussa, Engineer
    107- Dr. Abdel Ahmad Abdel Fattah, Doctor and Assistant-Secretary of Tagammu Party in Alexandria
    108- Abdel Aziz el-Husseini Engineer and member of Karama Party
    109- Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Actor
    110- Abdallah el-Sennawi, Editor in Chief of Al-Arabi newspaper
    111- Dr. Abdel Wahab el-Messiri, Kefaya Coordinator and university professor
    112- Abeer el-Askari, journalist
    113- Arab Lotfy, Film Director
    114- Ezzat Abdel Moneim Hilal, IT expert
    115- Dr. Azza el-Khamissi, Translator and Researcher
    116- Dr. Aziz Sedqi, former Prime Minister
    117- Aziz Nouh, Engineer
    118- Essam el-Labbad, Engineer
    119- Essam Sultan, Lawyer and Wassat Party member
    120- Essam Sha’aban, Researcher at Socialist Afaq Center
    121- Alaa el-Aswani, Novelist
    122- Alaa Salem, Journalist at Al-Ahram
    123- Alaa el-Kashef, Secretary of Tagammu Party in North Sinai
    124- Emad Amin, Engineer
    125- Emad Mubarak, lawyer and director of the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression
    126- Omar el-Maleh, Engineer
    127- Omar Mohamed Ahmad el-Hadi, Journalist
    128- Dr. Amr el-Shalaqani, University Professor
    129- Dr. Amr el-Choubaki, Expert with Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies
    130- Dr. Amr Derrag, deputy head of the Teachers’ Association at Cairo University
    131- Amr Gharbeia, Blogger
    132- Dr. Faten Fahim, Professor at Zagazig University
    133- Dr. Fathi el-Khamissi, Musician
    134- Farida el-Naqqasah, editor in chief of Al-Ahali
    135- Fahmi Howeidi, Journalist and writer
    136- Dr. Violet Dagher, President of the Arab Committee for Human Rights
    137- Dr. Karima el-Hefnawi, Pharmacist and Karama Party member
    138- Kamal Abu Eita, Tax officer and Karama Party member
    139- Dr. Kamal Habib, journalist and researcher
    140- Kamal Khalil, engineering consultant and director of the Center for Socialist Studies
    141- Lobna Mohamed
    142- Dr. Lamees el-Naqqash, university professor
    143- Dr. Laila Soueif, university professor
    144- Dr. Magda Adli, Doctor
    145- Magda Fathi Rashwan, Lawyer and member of Justice Center for Political and Social Studies
    146- Maher Makhlouf, Engineer and member of the Arab Nationalist Congress
    147- Magdi Ahmad Hussein, General Secretary of Labor Party
    148- Magdi Sa’ad
    149- Dr. Magdi QorQor, Engineer and member of Labor Party
    150- Magdi Mahanna, Journalist and writer
    151- Mahfouz Abdel Rahman, Scenarist and writer
    152- Dr. Mohamed Abul Ghar, Professor of Medicine at el-Qasr el-Eini
    153- Mohamed al-Ashqar, Engineer and Karama Party member
    154- Dr. Mohamed el-Sayyed Said, deputy head of Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies
    155- Mohamed Gamal, Administrative development expert
    156- Mohamed Gamal Beshir, Journalist
    157- Mohamed Rashid Fahmi, Student
    158- Mohamed Seif el-Dawla, Engineer
    159- Dr. Mohamed Sharaf, University Professor and Kefaya member
    160- Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Engineer
    161- Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim, Engineer and IT consultant
    162- Mohamed Mossa’ad, Advertisement agent
    163- Mohamed Mounir, Journalist
    164- Mohamed Hashem, Publisher
    165- Mohamed Waked, Researcher and member of the Center for Socialist Studies
    166- Dr. Mahmoud el-Lozy, University professor
    167- Mahmoud Atta, Computer specialist
    168- Mahmoud Kamal, teacher
    169- Dr. Madiha Douss, French literature professor at Cairo University
    170- Marwa Ghanem, news editor
    171- Mustafa Singer, Tagammu Party secretary in Sheikh Zoweid, N Sinai
    172- Dr. Mustafa Kamel el-Sayyed, Writer and university professor
    173- Mustafa Masso’ud, engineer
    174- Mamduh Habashy ,engineer
    175- Dr.Mamduh Mostafa, university professor
    176- Mona Ezzat, journalist
    177- Dr. Manar Hussein, Lecturer at el-Qasr el-Eini and member of the Center for Socialist Studies
    178- Manal Khaled, Film director
    179- Monzer el-Youssef, student
    180- Maha Effat, Actress
    181- Maha Youssef, Lawyer
    182- Dr. Nader Fergani, Writer and director of Meshkat Center for Studies
    183- Nada el-Qassas, journalist
    184- Nermin Khafagi, Archeologist at the Supreme Council for Antiquities
    185- Nawwara Negm, Journalist
    186- Nora Younis, Blogger
    187- Nola Darwish, founding member of the New Woman Society
    188- Neveen Samir, Administrator
    189- Hani Shukrallah, writer and journalist
    190- Heba Raouf, Cairo University Professor
    191- Hisham Abul Ezz el-Hariri, Member of Tagammu Party Central Committee
    192- Dr. Hisham el-Salamoni, scenarist and playwright
    193- Hisham Fouad, journalist and member of the Center for Socialist Studies
    194- Hend Abul Ezz el-Hariri, Engineer
    195- Haitham Abul Ezz el-Hariri, Engineer and member of the Tagammu Party Alexandria Secretariat
    196- Dr. Haitham Manaa’, spokesperson for the Arab Organization for Human Rights
    197- Wael Khalil, Engineer and member of the Center for Socialist Studies
    198- Wael Abbas, Journalist and blogger
    199- Wagdi Abdel Aziz, Director of the South Center for Human Rights
    200- Yasmin Hani Wassfi, Accountant and secretary of the Progressive Youth Union in Alexandria
    201- Dr. Yehya el-Qazzaz, University professor
    202- Yehya Fekri, Engineer and member of the Center for Socialist Studies
    203- Yehya el-Qallash, General secretary of the Press Syndicate
    204- Yehya Megahid, Journalist at Sawt el-Umma
    205- Dr. Yehya Hashem Hassan Farghal, Former head of Islamic Theology Department at Al-Azhar University
    206- Youssef Chahine, Film Director
    207- Alaa Seif, Blogger
    208- Manal Hassan, Blogger
    209- Mohamed Khaled, Blogger
    210- Magda Abul Fotouh, Artist
    211- Mohamed Abdel Alim, Wafd Party Member of Parliament
    212- Sa’ad Abboud, Karama Party Member of Parliament.