Petition For Prosecutor General To Release Blogger Refaat

Petition For Prosecutor General To Release Blogger Refaat

Hamdin Al-Sabbahi and Saad Abboud (members of the PA) have submitted a petition to the Prosecutor General Saturday calling for the immediate release of Facebook activist Mohamed Refaat who faced the charge of mobilizing people for July strike.  


Though ordered released by the Higher State Security Prosecution on August 17, Refaat is still kept in custody by the state security. MPs accused the Interior Ministry of abducting Refaat and jailing him without legal evidence.


Refaat Baiomi (father of the abducted and member of the Anti- Guardianship Engineers Union), Dr. Magdi Qorqor (from the Labor Party), and Mohamed Abdul-Quddos (Journalists” Syndicate Board member) signed the petition.


Moreover, scores of Kefaya Movement, April 6 Youth, Labor Party, Nasserites, and al-Karamah Party have organized a sit-in before the prosecutor general”s main office calling for the release of Baiomi.


Lawyer Ahmad Raghib (from Hisham Mubarak Center for Law) has expressed his concern that Refaat might be subjet to the same scenario of torture and human rights abuse committed against Musaad Abul-Fajr.