Pew Study Indicates Public Favours MB

Pew Study Indicates Public Favours MB


As protestors in Cairo’s Tahrir Square made the decision to end a dictatorial rule and peacefully overthrow the 30 year reign of oppression, tyranny and violence the world looked on.

Undoubtedly Egypt’s revolution will permanently change the way of life that Egyptians have come to hate instilling in them a more positive outlook into the future.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center was conducted with 1,000 adults in  Egypt between March 24 and April 7, 2011 revealing that most are optimistic about Egypt’s future. The study explored the political, economical, legal and social legacy and the dramatic changes the Egyptian nation has undergone and the people’s embrace of the Revolution’s leaders, religious parties and military existence.

Various scenarios were contemplated illustrating the Egyptians opinions concerning political change, where 77% welcomed Mubarak stepping down.

According to the study the Egyptian public is open to religion-based political parties being part of a future government. Most have a positive opinion of the Muslim Brotherhood, indicating that in elections the MB has as much potential support as any of a number of political parties.

Regarding the US, Egyptians stress they’d prefer a less close relationship with America and a 54%-to-36% margin, indicates that Egyptians want the peace treaty with Israel annulled.

A democratic form of government has topped the list during the survey as opposed to a strong leader and up to 62% want parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible, rather than delaying them to give political parties more time to organize.