PJB: Crimes of PA security forces against journalists intolerable

PJB: Crimes of PA security forces against journalists intolerable

The Palestinian Journalist Bloc (PJB) has warned on Tuesday that list of the crimes committed by the PA security forces against Palestinian journalists became very long and that it is about time to stop such crimes.

The bloc also explained in a statement it issued in this concern and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC that Palestinian journalist Mohammed Al-Keik of Al-Khalil city had been under detention in the PA jails for successive14 days now without an indication on when he will be freed.

It added that another Palestinian journalist Musa”ab Kataloni who was arrested ahead of Keik had been in detention for 20 days now despite his deteriorating health condition.

In Tulkarem city, local sources unveiled that the PA general intelligence department rounded up Tareq Shehab, the correspondent of the Aqsa Radio station in the West Bank on Sunday adding to the violations of PA security forces against journalism in occupied Palestine.

Shehab, according to the sources, was arrested moments after he arrived home after he was subjected earlier in the day to 6 hour-long- investigation in the same PA department.

The PJB also pointed out that Shehab was arrested and placed under interrogation several times over the past few months, urging all human rights and legal institutions to immediately intervene to ensure the safety and the unconditional release of the three detained journalists from the PA prisons, and to make sure that they won”t be harmed or humiliated.

The bloc was also disgusted and angry at the Journalists” syndicate for its passive reaction and silence vis-à-vis the PA security violations against the journalists.

Not so long after the “unconstitutional” PA government under Salam Fayyadh was installed in Ramallah city, the Gaza-based Al-Aqsa satellite TV was banned in the West Bank by orders of that government under “unjustified” pretexts.