PLC: American guarantees legitimize occupation

PLC: American guarantees legitimize occupation

The Palestinian legislative council’s chairmanship has warned that the press reports about American presidential guarantees to Israel regarding border arrangements and right of return for millions of Palestinian refugee was very dangerous.

A statement for the PLC chairmanship on Tuesday said that the new American message of guarantees would legitimize the Israeli settlement policy in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank and wipe out the right of return.

It said that the message would constitute a serious “setback” to the American role in the Arab and Islamic issues in general and the Palestine cause in particular.

The PLC advised the American administration to revise its current policies and stands that ran contrary to Palestinian rights and to backtrack on any attempt to sanction Israeli occupation.

A Palestinian paper had quoted senior American official sources as saying that American president Barack Obama was preparing a message of guarantees similar to the one offered by former president George Bush that would appease Israel’s “security concerns” and would declare Washington’s support for ending Palestinian demand regarding the right of return.