PLC: Netanyahu’s freeze of settlement building partial, aims to deceive

PLC: Netanyahu’s freeze of settlement building partial, aims to deceive

The Presidency of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) said that the announcement made by Netanyahu regarding a freeze on settlement activity for ten months is bogus and does not carry any real value and warned the Ramallah authority that dealing positively with such an announcement constitutes a national crime.

The Presidency added, in a statement it issued on Thursday, that Netanyahu’s announcement aims to divert international attention from the real issues in the Palestinian-Israeli struggle.

It also pointed out that attempts of the occupation government to deceive the world will not succeed because of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their insistence on their national rights supported by the free people of the world to achieve liberation and independence.

The PLC Presidency also called on the Arab and Islamic states to have a united stand against the Israeli occupation and to work for exposing occupation crimes at the international level.

The Presidency ended its statement by pointing out that the US administration has lost its political credibility in the eyes of Muslim and Arab masses which makes it essential for the administration to review its foreign policy which is slowly dragging down, calling the administration to stop being blindly biased to the Zionists and their aggressive policies.