PLC castigates IOA for proposing ban on Niqab

PLC castigates IOA for proposing ban on Niqab

GAZA,  The chairmanship of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) has castigated the reported draft proposal by a member of the Israeli parliament to ban Niqab in public places in 1948 occupied Palestine.

In a statement on Saturday, the PLC chairmanship said that the draft law was targeting Palestinian religious and national principles, describing it as “racist”.

It added that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) is fighting anything related to Palestinian national identity in line with its repressive and terrorist policy that attempts to turn Palestinians into aliens in their own country in addition to depriving them of their simplest religious, national, and humanitarian rights.

The statement expressed conviction that the IOA’s racist practices would not succeed.

The PLC chairmanship urged Palestinians in 1948 occupied Palestine to resist this attempt to breach their religious and national values and their freedoms, which are sanctioned by heavenly religions and international and humanitarian laws.