PLC condemns Arab indifference to the plight of Gaza

PLC condemns Arab indifference to the plight of Gaza

Acting speaker of the PA legislature MP Dr. Ahmad Bahar has unequivocally condemned on Thursday the Arab “indifference” to the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip, urging the Egyptian government to open the Rafah crossing point before them.

Bahar, in this regard, regretted Egypt”s rejection to listen to calls of Palestinian children and women to open the Rafah terminal along the Egyptian border with Gaza Strip.

The crossing point is the only exit that connects the 1.5 million Palestinian citizens in the Strip with the rest of the world.

“Egypt, to my regret, is negligent in helping the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.. Fuel is no longer available, and foodstuff and medicine are barely found; yet we appealed to them (Egyptians) to save Gaza children, women, and sick people by opening the borders… Gaza has no fuel but Egypt has, and she sells that fuel to Israel in a very cheap price; so, why don’t they sell it to us then? This is what saddens us and made us fail pain; yet we believe that that pain is an omen of victory as we are confident that we are on the right path”, Bahar, furthermore, added in a press statements he made in Gaza.

Moreover, Bahar upbraided the Arab regimes for not faithfully carrying out their pledges of rescinding the unjust economic blockade imposed by the Israeli occupation government on Gaza Strip for nearly one year now.

“We have called on our Arab brethrens to lift the siege and to save our sick people, but, to our regret, no one had answered our appeal… We had also spoken to the Arab parliaments to exert more pressures on their governments to end the siege, and we had talked verbally to the secretary-general of the Arab League [for the same matter], but, sad to say, our appeals fell in deaf ears… we indeed feel that the entire world is standing against us because we were democratically elected by the Palestinian people, and we feel that the entire world wants to exterminate us because we remain steadfast on the path of resistance against the Israeli occupation “, Bahar underscored.

A couple of months ago, Egyptian president Husni Mubarak pledged that Egypt will not allow starving the Gaza inhabitants, yet, a dramatic change had recently occurred on the Egyptian stand as persisting reports confirmed that Egypt has beefed up it security presence along the borders with Gaza Strip, and blocked fuel and foodstuff supplies bound to the Sinai peninsula apparently to prevent the Gazans from purchasing those basic goods in the event they (the Gaza inhabitants) decided to forcibly crossed the borders.