• December 23, 2015
  • 2 minutes read

Plea from Fateh Mosque Incident Detainees

Plea from Fateh Mosque Incident Detainees
494 detainees are still held on trumped-up charges in Case No. 8615 – Azbakeya/Criminal, for protesting peacefully in Ramses Square, Cairo (then besieged in Fateh Mosque and arrested).

Not only did the treasonous coup regime’s Interior Ministry commit a horrific massacre in this incident, but now it has given free rein to prison administrations to commit even more brutal atrocities, like preventing ill detainees from getting examined or transferred to hospitals, including patients with cancer, those with kidney failure, skin diseases and serious heart and lung  problems.

Also, prison administrations deliberately insult detainees’ families during visits. Those visits take place with glass barriers keeping families away from their loved ones. Moreover, political prisoners are not allowed to receive any medicines or foods brought to them in visits, except only very limited quantities.