Please consider signing to support Pres. Carter

I’ve never done this before. Please approve and show support!

Like many other people, I’m really happy about Jimmy Carter’s new book, Peace Not Apartheid. He has important things to say, and I’d like to try and support him at this time. Some leading Democrats have tried to portray him as ’outside’ the mainstream; he is getting the kind of treatment reserved for those who refuse to toe the ’official’ line on Israel .


The link below takes you to an online petition. Now I realize that usually on-line petitions are worthless as an advocacy tool but when it takes the form of a public ’thank you’ and show of support, it can have an effect. Especially when trying to build momentum behind an idea or product. If this catches steam, if well known people feel comfortable signing it, then it can help pry open the space for real debate on US policy towards Israel and Palestine . Please take a minute and sign it.

 And when you are done pass this email along to a friend or a list you belong to This can make a small difference for the better.

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