Please Mr.Abu Mazen, Do not behave like a slave!

In a speech delivered on 17th October 2006, President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen was speaking about the Palestinian conditions and he said that “Bread is more important than Democracy”. In fact, such a statement is extremely dangerous because it implicates self-abolish, negligence to the self and an underestimation to the Human self. This statement dates back to the medieval ages where a morsel of bread was the only mean in the hands of masters in the market of slaves who taste nothing but the crumb. It is terrifying that such a statement would bring the Palestinian human several years back where in ancient times people thought that mutiny against masters is a mutiny against gods and they would receive severe punishments in life and the hereafter.
I will accept in this context joining between freedom and democracy despite their difference. My acceptance here is related to the popular belief that democracy is freedom; this is what Mr.Abbas meant; the choice of people which was reflected in elections that resulted in a smashing success for Hamas in the elections of the legislative council. He wanted to say that he is ready to sacrifice the free political will to the Palestinian people in order to receive the “morsel of bread” given by the countries who impose siege on Palestinian people.
I think that Mahmoud Abbas is PhD holder in political sciences so he should be aware that the entity of the free man and the independent one overwhelmed the thought of political philosophers because creativity and invention will never take place unless there is an ambiance of freedom. Only free man can adapt and deal with all different conditions in order to be the master of his own and to be independent. All philosophers and politicians through history were absorbed with man’s freedom as it is the base of progress and production besides it is the base for man where he can participate in free activities of civilization and the building a civilization. All these concerned people were absorbed to fight all figures of exploitation practiced against man and attempts to abolish his self and humanity besides making him a toy in others’ hands.
If Abu Mazen is not aware of these facts then he never held a PhD in political sciences or he is holding formally or there are pother people who compiled this PhD. If not, then I was wrong and I did not hear well Mr. Abbas, or I misunderstood him.
I want to tell him that your statements mean excavation for mass grave to bury the whole Palestinian nation. He is calling for slavery, the enslavement of Palestinian people, abolishing and undermining the dignity of these people in order to receive “bread”, according to his philosophy, is the elixir of life. He looks upon a Palestinian as if he is a person panting after sustenance and not about real life. I want to ask him, do not you see that whoever responsible of feeding you then he is your master? And that a slave is just a bestial who enjoy no rights for him more than a blessing receives he from his master?
I want also to tell him that we, Mr. Abu Mazen, read and learn books and statements not only to research but to be brought into effect.
If you, Mr Abu Mazen was a real guardian and representative of your own people you would have grabbed the sustenance of your own people from the grip of the enemies. Abu Mazen became a conspirator against himself and all his people. All great nations always look after the reasons of depending on the other and do not beg from Israel or USA. If you, Abu Mazen, were really a PhD holder of political sciences, you would never accept that the sustenance of your own people would be in the grip of our enemies. You know very well that any support from west should be paid and the price is pride, dignity and independence. Miserable and slaves can never afford the costs of liberation, and can never establish a state.
It would have been better if you summoned all scientists of Palestine to discuss the self-independence and how to seek the support of friends. It would have been better if we developed an economic system related to us and independent from west and the American financial system. It would have been better if you informed Palestinians that money from west is the price of sacrificing your rights, while the only thing they gain at last is a rotten food filling their stomachs, and in case they pant for such kind of food then you must present only the impositions obedience to all demoniac forces.
There is no alternative rather than freedom president, because free people really do make the bread of their own, and begging is the production of beggars and slaves. Please, Mr. President, do not behave like slaves and do not compel people to slavery because free people will never leave their fellowmen die of hunger. Free people produce their own sustenance and know how to share it with their fellow men. Free people look for dignity and insist on their rights, they develop their abilities in order to keep their good names while slaves tremble from freedom because they are not used to. What my ears have heard is unspeakable shame and I as an Arab Palestinian feel so much ashamed when I just remember that you are our mouth peace.