PM appoints new Interior Minister following scandalous revelations

PM appoints new Interior Minister following scandalous revelations

A new interior minister has been appointed by Egypt’s new PM Essam Sharaf indicating further that the old guard under Egypt’s deposed Mubarak may be out for good.

General Mansour El Essawi has been appointed to the post and it is expected that former judge Nabil El Arabi will be named the new foreign minister.

The appointments came following scandalous revelations as Egyptian protesters stormed several state security buildings in Cairo and Alexandria on Saturday.

Documents were seized in an attempt to retrieve files kept on alleged human rights abuses in the country.

According to recorded reports some of the worst human rights violations have been documented while attempting to suppress dissent against Mubarak’s 30-year rule.

Protesters stormed inside at least six state security headquarters including the agency’s main headquarters in Cairo’s northern Nasr City. Officers were confronted and attacked as a result after angry protestors found them attempting to hide evidence incriminating senior officials in abuses. Others searched the building for secret detention rooms.

Eye witnesses confirmed that in every office, tonnes of shredded paper were found along with an underground place with approx 20 cells. A large room was also found folders where almost every Egyptian activist had a folder where actions were monitored.

Under the ousted dictator Mubarak Egypt’s State Security Investigations was given a free hand by emergency laws and was considered the most powerful symbols of the former regime.

The newly appointed PM Essam Sharaf has vowed he will serve the people asserting that he is a part of them.