PM Suspends Qena Governor Activities for three months

PM Suspends Qena Governor Activities for three months

In order to quell protest Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has announced the freezing of the activity of newly appointed Qena governor Emad Shehata Mikhail for three months.

The decision follows ten days of protests in the Qena governorate as tens of thousands turned out to demonstrate against the Coptic governor. Angry Demonstrators argued that Mikhail had ties with the former regime. 

Protests blocked streets and railways throughout the city and severely impacted the economy and despite efforts to appease protesters the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces was unable to end the rallying.

According to protesters religion has nothing to do with the situation they do however object to his alleged involvement in killing pro-democracy protesters during the January 25 revolution.

Mikhail, who served previously as assistant to the Giza security chief, denied however any involvement.

Meanwhile Maged Abdel Karim, the Qena governorate’s general secretary, is set to take charge of affairs.