Police Beats El Kabsch Residents Druing Peaceful Demo In Cairo

Egyptian security forces beat around 300 demonstrators of Kalla El Kabsch residents in a demonstration in Tahrir Square, central Cairo.
A number of Kalla El Kabsch residents have been demonstrating today since 9.00AM in Tahrir Square in central Cairo to protest at the local officials who ignored their repeated demands to seek provide them with shelter after they became homeless to a major fire that engulfed their residences in March of 2007. Many families have been living literally on the street since that incident without any help from the government.

Ikhwanweb correspondent pointed out that some demonstrators were injured and fainted due to the violence that the security forces exercised against the demonstrators, given that most of them are women.
Kalla El Kabsch residents sent the following letter to Cairo governor in which they detail their demands but, unfortunately, the Cairo governor did not respond to them, forcing the residents to carry out this demonstration today to show their demands .
The text of the message
Dr. Abdul Azim Wazir, Cairo governor
We are from living in the shantytown of Kalla El Kabsch, Sayeda Zeinab; we didn”t find our names in the list of the homeless although we are caregivers of several-member families and we have no place to live in after our houses were totally flattened in a huge fire that erupted in Kalla El Kabsch in March 2007.
We are living nowadays along with our wives and children in the streets and we can”t afford a shelter to live in it.
We are mothers of children whose fathers are threatened with detention by officials; we can”t name our husbands here for fear of Sayeda Zeinab police station officials; some of our husbands have been already detained and were released later only after the intervention of some Egyptian Human Rights Organizations.
A huge fire erupted last March, 20 in Kalla El Kabsch, Sayeda Zeinab; the huge fire flattened about 200 kiosks that shelter about 300 families that consist of about 1000 persons. The fire caused a state of fear and panic among residents of the region.