Police Kill and injure Dozens in Dametta

Policemen opened fire at voters to prevent them from giving ballots. The result was three dead:

Said Hassan el-Dekhady, 41

Atef Muhammad Ahmed

Shaban Ahmed, 44


Besides, 20 persons were injured; some of them are badly wounded.      

 Police Achievements: Two Dead in el-Materia Constituency
Police killed two voters, Muhammad Hassan and Tamer Khader, during furious clashes erupted in el-Matria constituency of el-Daqhlia governorate. In el-Katwia village, policemen shot Muhammad Ahmed in his head and killed Muhammad Akram.
In el-Sharqia province, Islam Abdel Aal, a reporter of Ikhwan online was abducted.
In Tama constituency, the Muslim Brotherhood’s nominee was injured by rubber bullets. Scores of children were suffocated because of tear bombs thrown by the police.
In Kafr el-Sheikh, policemen bodily attacked a monitoring judge in el-Hamowl constituency and marked ballot papers for the favor of the National Democratic Party’s candidate.