Police organize fake rally to promote sympathy

Police organize fake rally to promote sympathy

 In an unusual incident highlighting the Interior Ministry’s incapability to perform its assigned roles Egypt witnessed forces and officers dressed in plain clothes commending the police, security and Interior ministry’s role in an attempt to improve the ministry’s extremely tarnished image.

Plain clothes forces clashed with citizens as they protested against the violent and brutal tortures practiced against citizens during the trial of Khaled Saeed who has come to be known as the ’emergency law martyr’. According to witnesses and Supporters of Saeed the crowd was mostly composed of plain-clothes police. The plain clothes officers gathered in the crowd and rallied on the steps outside the court house and chanted slogans in defense of the interior ministry which they apparently were a part of. Slogans were chanted by the plain clothes police praising police and security describing them as their refuge

The two secret policemen who were charged in the illegal arrest and excessive force in the case of 28-year-old Khaled Saeed stood trial amid local and international concern over continuing human rights abuses in Egypt. Saeed was dragged out of the internet cafe and brutally beaten before he was killed after his head was banged on a solid surface after posting a video on the internet showing the involvement of policemen in drug deal

Saeed’s trial of the alleged murderers takes place against a turbulent political background in Egypt where reports about President Hosni Mubarak’s ill-health have raised qualms at home and abroad over Egypt ‘s future. Egypt has been ruled under the ’emergency law’ which has been imposed for over 30 years and has harvested many political opposition detainees who are indefinitely detained in Mubarak’s prisons.

The authorities have been slammed for their reluctance to endorse genuine political reforms which would end Egypt ’s state of emergency and relax its restrictions and regulations allowing multiple candidates to run in next year’s presidential elections. Political reform and constitutional amendments have been demanded by the Muslim Brotherhood in the groups online petition gathering over 200, 000 signatures causing worry and reservations by the regime and prompting the Interior to adopt any methods to improve the overall image of the regime by integrating officers in plain clothes who vocally commend and praise the Ministry’s efforts; however it will take more than a few police to convince the weary public that Egypt’s Ministry is on their side despite their motto the “Police at your service”