• December 24, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Police Raids Several Businesses Owned By MB Members In Cairo

Police Raids Several Businesses Owned By MB Members In Cairo
Police forces raided several businesses owned by Muslim Brotherhood members in Cairo, in another episode of the latest crackdown by the Egyptian government. The arrested business owners are,
1- Dr. Mohamed Hafez, owner of Al Hayat pharmaceutical company
2- Ahmed Asharaf, CEO of  the Islamic Co. for Publishing and Distribution
3- Hassan Malek(picture), owner of several successful businesses
4- Akham Al Taweel, director of  Al Bash’er Co. for Publications and Distribution
5-  Ahmed Shosha, owner of a construction company
the state  security confiscated some belongings and cash up to 165 thousand Egyptian pounds.
In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. abdel Monem Abu el Fotoh, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau, criticized the government’s behavior and the latest series of escalations which began by the arrest of Khayrat el Shater, the MB second deputy and a group of 15 other leaders in addition to more than 150 students affiliated with the MB at Al Azhar University. He stated that the government is trying to pave the way for the upcoming constitutional amendments which are expected to consolidate more power in the hands of the regime and ensure a smooth succession of power, and the latest escalation is a just part of its campaign to silence MB; the strongest opposition in Egypt.