• June 10, 2007
  • 8 minutes read

Police Tortured MB Students During Thier Detention

Police Tortured MB  Students During Thier Detention

Students recently released by the Interior Ministry, after detaining them on charges of organizing a paramilitary parade in the Shubra-based Agricultural Cooperation Institute, revealed they were tortured by the state security officer during investigations in the 50-day detention. The officers tortured them to make them make recognitions regarding  information around student organizations affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood group. They didn’t ask them about the main groundless charge, of organizing a paramilitary parade, nor did they any evidence about this to the prosecution.
Shahat Sabri, blindfolded, scantily-clad
Shahat Sabri, one of the released students, describes the tortures he faced with his colleagues:” We appeared before three state security offices. In front of one of them, the officer ordered me to take off my clothes and made me blindfolded. He ordered me, while  I am scantily clad and blindfolded- to lie with my face on the ground. Then he put his foot on my shoulder and pulling my arm harshly to cause as much torure on me as he can. One of his aides put his foot on my legs to prevent me from moving. I was kept in this position for countless hours during which they interrogated me. When he failed in taking any information, he made his aide beat me harshly in addition to a flurry of insults and bad names. He didn’t stop except after the state security officer left the room.
Shaker Fouad, psychological tortures
Shaker Fouad says:” On April, 11, I got up to find a machine gun aimed at my forehead. After this was slapped in my face countless slaps by a state security detective. They dragged me from my house and the stairs till the prison truck which contained only my colleague Shahat. They threw also with our colleague Walid Mostafa Gaber who was taken from his house in Helwan. We were surprised by an officer who started to beat Walid harshly ordering him to reveal the address of a new colleague living in the same area. When Walid refused, the officer extinguished the cigarette butt directly under his eye several times and burns are still on Walid’s face after more than a month and even after releasing him. Shaker detailed the torture saying:” The state security officer exercised all old methods of torture. They even exercised other new tortures. They started with psychological torture by threatening with dismissing my father from his job. Then they used other dirty tricks that the Muslim Brotherhood leaders abandoned us and narrated various stories defaming MB leaders and accusing Mahdi Akef of having bad manners and that they take pictures of him while raping a wife of a leader in the group. When they found that these groundless claims are useless, they started to beat us with cruelty . In another incident, six state security officers investigated with me while one of them continued slapping me on the back of my head after ordering me to sit on the floor after each slap until my forehead bleeded. Scars of this beating are still obvious on my face.
The worst tortures, Shaker goes on, was when they were moved from Tora Farm farm prison after their release was issued, to state security offices. He says: We remained inside prison trucks for more than 12 hours and they never allowed us to answer nature’s call after the prison truck moved across four governorates to distribute us on state security offices in which the officer continued to torture us with the same previous methods. They claimed that I am being trained on Kung Fu and karate and that I am being trained on cold steel.
Ahmed Ibrahim Threatened with not attending exams
Ahmed Ibrahim was detained after the Interior Ministry detained one of his colleagues instead of him because their names are the same. He was tortured by the state security officer in Kafr Al-Sheikh office after he was released from the Tora farm prison last Thursday. Although he was from the city of Talkha , Dakahlia, but he was sent to the state security office in Kafr Al-Sheikh which refused to receive him before holding him until 1.00AM on Saturday morning. He was about to miss the exam, especially after the state security officers threatened him with releasing him only after the beginning of the exam. But they released him to go directly to Cairo to attend the exam in the institute.
Other students were tortured like Mahmoud Ojaila whose face swelled due to numerous beating by a Lazughali officer and his colleague Walid Mostafa Gaber faced similar tortures.