Political Activist Wael Ghonim: Fear of Islamists Coming to Power ‘Exaggerated’

Political Activist Wael Ghonim: Fear of Islamists Coming to Power ‘Exaggerated’

Political activist, Wael Ghonim, described the fear of Islamists coming to power as ‘exaggerated’. The real significance lies not in which party reaches parliament, Ghonim said, but its performance once it reaches it. He added that the upcoming parliament should focus on eliminating unemployment and poverty.

Speaking Tuesday night on “Masr El Gedeeda with Moe’tez” programme Ghoneim added, “It makes no difference to me whether Egypt is a civil or religious state so long as it is correctly run politically and economically. The most important thing is to improve Egypt’s economy making it one of the world’s strongest 10 financially."

He expressed that he was not worried that the revolution was without a leader describing it as better since leaders may change their principles. “An objective can not be changed but a leader’s principle can be swayed “.

Regarding the decision to appoint Dr. Kamal Gonzoury as Prime Minister he stressed: “The protestors in Tahrir Square are not opposed to Ganzoury because of his age or being from the former regime, but to apprehensions concerning whether he can manage the upcoming phase. The upcoming era calls for organized thought and understanding to overcoming the current crisis”. 

He emphasized that It must be acknowledged that through pressure from those in Tahrir Square, SCAF accepted the resignation of Dr. Essam Sharaf’s cabinet after refusing five times; it also succeeded in setting a presidential electoral date.