• August 29, 2010

Political opposition protests against power outages

Political opposition protests against power outages

Political opposition forces in Egypt organized a protest in Alexandria objecting to the recurrent blackouts in different parts of Egypt. The protest titled “Do not darken it more” was triggered as a result of the continued outages and the people’s dissent to officials’ corruption

 Protestors rallied for an hour holding candles and calling for ending the gas exportation to Israel stressing it is the main reason for the lack of electricity in Egypt.

In a statement to “Ikhwanweb” an organizer maintained that the reason behind the protest is in objection to the widespread corruption and neglect to the citizens needs including the continuous power outages, lack of water resources and the escalating prices. Other government negligence includes the increased number of car and train accidents in addition to the spread corruption in the state institutions deeming Egypt’s future unstable under the current regime

Another protest was held two days earlier by a number of political activists in Alexandria who were also protesting against the power outage.