Political Parties, Movements at FJP HQ: We Will Visit Gaza; Review All Accords and Treaties with Israel

Political Parties, Movements at FJP HQ: We Will Visit Gaza; Review All Accords and Treaties with Israel
Political parties and revolutionary movements participating in the "Victory for Gaza" event on Friday evening at the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) condemned the escalation of Zionist assaults on Gaza.

They further condemned the continued brutal Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people blockaded and besieged in the Gaza Strip, where Israel with its heavy war machine kill defenseless women and children in flagrant violation of the international law and all international charters and covenants.

In a statement delivered by Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, FJP Chairman, attendants stressed that they stand firmly with the legitimate right of the Palestinian people in the face of the ruthless Israeli military forces that callously target, kill and maim children and women and destroy property.

They stressed that post-revolution Egypt is no longer a strategic treasure except for Arabs and Palestinians.

Egyptian political parties and movements that signed the final statement demanded the government must move on and take practical steps to halt Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people besieged in Gaza.

They welcomed President Mohamed Morsi’s decision to withdraw the Egyptian ambassador from Israel, demanding a total freeze of all relations with the Zionist entity, diplomatically, politically and economically, and a continuous opening of the Rafah crossing.

The statement also called on Arab and Muslim governments and international organizations to take appropriate action to stop the aggression and punish Israel, and also to withdraw the Arab Initiative, which no longer applies – with Zionist arrogance and belligerence, activation of the Arab Defense Agreement and brutal Israeli escalation pausing new challenges for Egyptian national security.

The statement recommended reviewing all unfair agreements that negatively impact Egypt’s right to protect its interests –especially the Camp David Accord – and reconsideration of the clauses impeding full Egyptian sovereignty over Sinai.

Attendees also called on people to continue public pressure to lift the injustice, repel aggression, create a bridge of humanitarian aid to support the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, and to take urgent action to end Palestinian division.

Furthermore, the parties affirmed their intention to participate in restoring Egypt to its leading role and their commitment to support the Palestinian cause, and to arrange for an urgent international conference to end the blockade on Gaza, as well as the adoption of a common media strategy to expose inhumane Israeli practices.

They also vowed to form a parliamentary delegation that would include a number of political party symbols, for an urgent visit to the Gaza Strip to express rejection of the increasing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, announcing they regard that as an assault against the Egyptian people.