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  • December 8, 2010
  • 4 minutes read

Politicians: MB Chairman Elected from among Muslim World’s 12 Most Influential

Politicians: MB Chairman Elected from among Muslim World’s 12 Most Influential

 Dr. Mohammed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), was ranked
12th most influential Muslim on a public poll that was conducted about the Muslim
World’s most influential figures.

Dr. Mohammed Badie is the eighth chairman of Muslim Brotherhood, Professor
At the Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine –Beni Suef
University and named as one of the 100 greatest Arab scientists in the world.
Commenting on the election of the MB chairman as one of the Muslim world's
Most influential figures, prominent specialist in Islamic movements, Rafiq Habib,
Said: "In the beginning, choosing Badie among the most important and influential
Figures in the Arab and Muslim world was because the group has gained
popularity and has become increasingly influential in Arab/Muslim nations. This
in turn, makes the chairman's post occupy a distinctive leadership role because
the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is one of the most important Islamic movements in
the Arab and Muslim world, representing a broad and distinguished trend within
modern Islamic thought.

Badie has taken the group's responsibility in a defining moment as he succeeded
former chairman, Mahdi Akef, who refused to stay for a second term. Dr.
Mohammed Badie succeeded Mohammad Mahdi Akef – who became the first
chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood to step down from his post – as the 8th
chairman in January 2010. He represents a conservative shift in the leadership
of the Muslim Brotherhood. Due to his background in education and religious
conservatism, analysts said he will empha-size the Brotherhood’s social work,
moving away from an overly political and activist approach but in his inaugural
address he stressed the need for gradual reform based on dialogue and non-

Dr. Ammar Ali Hassan believes that the MB chairman derives his power from
his position as a chairman, saying: "The MB leader is a guide to a group which
has deep roots and considerable popular influence in the Muslim world as a
whole. Obviously, any person who possesses this high office, regardless of his
qualifications, history, cognitive knowledge and life experiences, will naturally
influence the course of events in the Islamic world because he heads strict
hierarchical organization, historically advocated political activism and charity
work, having good international relations, and dating back 82 years.
I think Badie holds great importance for being the Brotherhood's chairman and
this is the secret of his influence."