Poll: 39% of Egyptians to Vote for “Freedom and Justice” Party

Poll: 39% of Egyptians to Vote for “Freedom and Justice” Party

 A recent poll indicated that 39% of voters have already decided they would choose the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in the upcoming parliamentary elections, while 20% voted in favour of the Wafd Party and 6.8% chose the Salafist Nour Party. According to the poll, 55% of those surveyed remain undecided.

A conference held late September by the Ahram Political and Strategic Studies Centre (APSSC) in coordination with the Danish-Egyptian Academy announced the poll’s results.

Of the 2400 surveyed, 49.3% were more concerned over economic issues, while 41% indicated they were more disturbed over the nation’s security.

While 70.5% confirmed they feared chaos in the country, 17.5% said they feared the Islamist takeover of the country. A total of 43.8% indicated they were ready for democracy and 94% said it was necessary power be transferred to a civilian authority.
The same survey showed that over 44% supported Islamists, indicating a 4.5% increase from August, while 4.4% chose Liberals and a much less percentage chose otherwise.

59% supported dialogue with Israel as opposed to 37% which called for pressuring them and 4% believed preparations for war was necessary. In a related context 57% called for reviewing the Peace Treaty, 28% called for protecting it and 10% called for its annulment.

84.2% of those surveyed, described the Freedom and Justice and 61.2% Nour Party as Islamist Parties, while 54.6% described the Wafd, and Free Egyptians, as secular parties.

Dr. Gamal Abdel Gawad, Director of the ASPSS, stated that the poll was conducted in accordance to international standards for surveys in an effort to reach an accurate result. It aims at informing politicians and decision makers of the aspirations and expectations of the Egyptian people to take into consideration in the next elections.