Poll: Haneyya most popular figure in Arab world

Poll: Haneyya most popular figure in Arab world

A poll conducted by the website of the Palestinian daily “Al-Quds” revealed that Ismail Haneyya, the premier of the PA caretaker government and the prominent Hamas leader, was the most popular personality in the Arab world.

Haneyya won 12,690 votes in the poll conducted in the period 24/12/2007 to 7/1/2008 in which 25,490 voters cast their opinions with a rate of 47.9%.

The PA chief, Mahmoud Abbas, who is also the Fatah leader, won 9,164 votes or 34.59%.

Observers believe that the poll results reflected the popularity of the Hamas Movement in the Arab and Islamic street, represented in Haneyya, and the success of its political project despite allegations every now and then on a retreat in its popularity within and outside Palestine.

Hebrew press reports said that Haneyya was at the top of a hit list prepared and approved by the Israeli intelligence in the upcoming period within a scheme to assassinate top Hamas leaders.

They also indicated that American president George Bush had approved the scheme on condition that it should take place after his visit to the region.