Polls’ HEC Results Disappoint Egypt

Polls’ HEC Results Disappoint Egypt

 Ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) strengthened its grip on power by alleging it won the majority of seats in parliament in Sunday’s election which was marred by boycotts, irregularities and accusations of widespread fraud witnessed nationwide.

Although the victory of the National Democratic Party was premeditated, its embarrassingly near-sweep of the legislature was no surprise for the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest opposition movement which had been largely targeted since it confirmed it will participate in the elections.

The MB lost 62 of its 88 seats in what can be characterized as a blow for the Egyptian public who fully supported the group.

According to human rights groups who condemned the outcome, Sunday’s poll was rife with irregularities. Independent monitors reported that thugs targeted voters to intimidate them stressing that election boxes were stuffed with NDP ballots.

Most Egyptians did not bother to vote in what they considered a rigged contest where the outcome would inevitably and conveniently leave President Hosni Mubarak’s party unchallenged. It was a well-planned but clear strategy by the ruling party to weaken opponents at a time of dissension within the NDP over the selection of a presidential contender if the aging Mubarak chooses not to seek a sixth term.

Washington described the poll as "worrying." Mike Hammer, the White House National Security Council spokesman asserted that the United States was disappointed with the conduct during and leading up to the elections.
Manal Abul Hassan, a Brotherhood candidate from Cairo reminded Mubarak of his vow 3 decades ago where he promised to serve and protect his country asserting that "Egyptian law and its constitution were killed in these elections." The Brotherhood said it was considering rescinding its candidates from Sunday’s runoff and its decision will be announced on Wednesday.

Sameh Kashef, the official spokesman for the High Elections Commission, said that the commission is satisfied with the elections’ outcome, arguing that the commission rejected any claims that the reported incidents negatively affected the electoral process.
MB chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, asserted that the NDP worked to pave the political sphere for them to do whatever they want. He commented that although the regime’s security forces used and protected hooligans throughout the electoral process, the MB will continue on its path promoting its ideology of only peaceful political reform