Poor Medical Care Takes Toll on El Shater’s Health

Poor Medical Care Takes Toll on El Shater’s Health

Engineer Khairat Al-Shater developed a diabetic foot ulcer which doctors attribute to the poor medical care inside the prison where he is currently detained.

Al Shater”s daughter told Ikhwanweb that her father came to them today during the visit walking difficultly on his feet and was suffering a pain in them because there is a tumor in his feet.

Al Zahraa added that they did not demand moving him to the prison hospital because the prison hospital lacks ant care to patients and for fear of more deterioration in his health condition in this hospital.

The second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood suffers also from high blood pressure. He has all these disease “while there is no specialist in the prison to diagnose him and cure such diseases, like Al Shater who did not find a doctor who can diagnose his disease and to prescribe remedies”, added Khairat Al Shater”s daughter.

Al Zahraa said that they tried to make his doctor enter to his prison to clarify the cause of such symptoms. However, the doctor was denied access.

In a related context, the health of Mahmoud Hussein, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood”s (MB) Executive Office, has sharply deteriorated after he was repeatedly denied treatment. He has been also prevented from having an urgent surgery to improve his health.

His son saw as critical his father”s health condition specially after he was handcuffed in the intensive care unit, to add pain to insult!! Another detained MB leader, Mohamed Kamal, is also crucially ill because he had an open heart surgery before his detention.