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  • November 12, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

Popular March for FJP in Abdine Area

Popular March for FJP in Abdine Area

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) organized a march in Abdene area, Cairo, to congratulate the residents with Eid Al Adha. The march was led by candidates of FJP and were warmly welcomed by the people and showed interest at the FJP’s ability to organize a rally in such crowded streets in Cairo.

Gamal Hefny, candidate for FJP, commented on the congestion problem saying that the primary role of the Ministry of Transport should be overseeing the activities of the sector and make the necessary plans to work with high efficiency. He also added that public transportation should be promoted in order to solve problems of congestion between the cities and to establish new underground stations.

 Amr Khedr, candidate of FJP, stated that the private sector should play a vital role in all transportation activities in the sector to lessen the costs spent from the state budget. A regulatory framework that allows the state to full supervision of the sector must be put, with reasonable prices for the services that can be affordable by the different segments of the society.

 Safwat AlGabry, candidate of the FJP, pointed out that new roads should be established to alleviate the congestion in large cities and to encourage people to move to the suburbs and create new job opportunities and strengthen national security.

 The MB, in cooperation with Ansar al-Sunnah Al-Mohamadeyah in Abdine, organized Eid Al-Adha prayer in Abdine Square for the first time in thirty years.  Dr. Waheed Abdel Mageed, Gamal Hanafy and Safwat Al-Gabry, candidates of FJP attended the Eid prayers with the people.