Possible Arrests Amid Egyptian Labor Leaders

2 thousand workers in the company of Kafr Al-Dawwar Weaving and Spinning ended their strike last Thursday, after Al Behera governor, Major General Mohamed Shaarawi informed them that the government addressed their demands, on the fifth day of their sit-in inside the company.
The government agreed to pay workers 21 days incentives and bonus, 10 pound increase in the meal allowance starting from July, 1, 2006 and a minimum 400 pound increase in the monthly incentives .
The government agreed also to form a committee starting from Saturday Feb., 10, 2007 to study giving promotions to all workers in the company. It decided to improve the transportation service through buying new buses and including transportation fleet of the company’s co-op.
Ending Kafr Al-Dawar labour strike took place as Shebeen El Kawm labour strike ended also after government addressed their demands.
On a different note, there is a state of worry among workers who fear that the state security forces may arrest a number of them under possible allegations of leading the strike movement. The detentions may include mostly Muslim Brotherhood’s workers whom the Egyptian government accuses of orchestrating a series of Egyptian labour strikes .

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