Postponement of appeal of 15 MB from Sharqia

Postponement of appeal of 15 MB from Sharqia

 The Fakous Misdemeanor Court today postponed looking into the appeal submitted by the Brotherhood’s defense team challenging the decision of the detention of 15 leading Brotherhood figures from Sharqia. The hearing was formerly postponed to October 8 however another date has not been determined.

 Security services in Sharqiya had launched a raid on Friday morning, October 2, on the house of Al-Sayyed Abdel-Meguid, arresting him and detaining 15 leading Brotherhood leaders who were present at the time. State security forces raided the houses of the detainees and confiscated a number of computers, books and papers.

At the top of the list of the detainees are:

 Dr. Al-Sayyed Abdul Hamid (former member of the People’s Assembly to Abu Kabir)

Sabri Abdel-Maksoud (teacher, Fakous)

Dr. Jamal Al Sayyed Abdul Wahid (Professor and Chairman Department of Anesthesiology, head of Intensive Care Unit at Zagazig University hospitals)

Al Sayyed Abdul Majid (Supervisor at Ministry of Education and Training, Hihya)

Khaled Shalabi (Teacher, Abu Hammad)

Dr. Mohammed Al-Hawari (Director of the Fakous Fever Hospital, Al-Salehia)

Abdul Allah Abdul Qader (teacher, Fakous)

Mohamed Abdul Muin (Supervisor at Ministry of Education and Training, Fakous)

Mahmoud Al-Kashef (teacher, Abu Kabir)

Khalid Al-Sayyed Dief (Civil Engineer, Hihya)

Mohammad Yousuf Atwa (teacher – Hihya)

Samir Suleiman (Teacher, Diarb Najm)

Eng. Dawoud Abdul Rahman Tantawi (Director of the Ministry of Electricity, Husseiniya)

Hisham Al-Ghatwari (Kafr Saqr)

Ahmed Awad (Al-Qoreen)