Postponing Case Of Killing Central Security Conscript In Alexandria

Postponing Case Of Killing Central Security Conscript In Alexandria

Alexandria Criminal Court decided on Saturday in the first sessions for judging the defendants in the case of killing a Central Security conscript “Ali Zarif ,” who was killed in the camp of the Central Security in Alexandria last June, to postpone the case till the next session in October 28. The decision is to arraign witnesses according to the defense request, and assign lawyers for defendants who have no lawyer to defend them.

The defendants’ lawyer pointed out that the case will witness the trial of 11 conscripts and two police secretaries of the central security of Al-Nozha sector in
Alexandria, after the prosecution had accused them of two charges, one of beating a conscript till death, and the other is the arson in the camp.

While six officers were referred to a disciplinary trial whose punishment does not exceed the normal administrative penalties. That was for being charged of being involved in an attempt to hide and cover up the crime by turning it to an act of suicide, after they have falsified the book of conditions record claiming that the victim was so much nervous to the extent that he hit himself in the bed of his room, which led to his death, which was not discovered by the Public Prosecution, as the military prosecution  had concealed the truth.

The Public Prosecution had received a communication last June by the Minister of Interior Habib Al-Adli to investigate into the death of the conscript.
The investigations revealed that the conscript was held in a single custody inside the camp without justification, and was subjected to severe beatings continued over two days by the defendant conscripts and two police secretaries, according to the instructions and orders of the officers and the camp officials.

The investigations confirmed that the conscript was later transferred to be punished in the camp without trial which is against regulations, where he died of the injuries that he suffered from in various parts of his body, which is unlike what has been alleged by officers, and what was proved in the records of the camp which confirmed that the conscript died in the single prison.


The investigations confirmed that the defendant conscripts and the two police secretaries had set fire to the room of trials to conceal the truth of killing the conscript while he was inside.