Postponing Case Of Mahalla Events To November 11

Postponing Case Of Mahalla Events To November 11

The Criminal Court of Supreme State Security Emergency in Tanta, headed by Chancellor Al Sayed Abdul Maaboud Wezza, decided today to postpone the examination of the case of Mahalla detainees in the events of April 6 and 7, which took place in Mahalla, to the next meeting on Tuesday November 11.

The court decided to postpone the case to the next meeting to present a CD contains scenes of the events of Mahalla introduced by the defense, and to present the memory card of the American journalist “James”; after the failure of Wajeeh Abdul Zaher (engineer and a technician) to operate the card because of the cut off power. The court also decided to listen to the pleadings of the defense on Wednesday and Thursday.

Ahmed Hijazi, a member of the defense of the detainees, presented a CD includes several video clips of the events of Mahalla; photographed by the residents in location of the event, which drove the court to question the technician: Is it possible to fabricate and falsify some of the photos on the “CD”? And he answered, yes, but he also confirmed that they could be detected.

The court listened today to the defense”s requests which the court has responded in the last meeting, to prove that three of the defendants are suffering from different disabilities, include physical disabilities, which prevent them from participating in the events.

Haitham Mohamaden, member of the defense, confirmed that the court found out that some of the defendants” addresses mentioned in the record of the investigation were incorrect, and that the defendants are no longer live there a long ago, despite the fact that the SSI confirmed their surveillance and that they confiscated the exhibits inside these addresses; which proves that the investigation was made specially after the events to confine the charge in the criminals submitted to the court.