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  • September 18, 2008
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Postponing Sentence In Lawsuit Against “Al-Dostour” Newspaper

Postponing Sentence In Lawsuit Against “Al-Dostour” Newspaper

Boulaq Abul-Olaa Criminal Court decided on Wednesday September 17 to postpone pronouncing the sentence in the “insult” lawsuit by Mohamed Al-Sadeq , Adjutant in Al-Marg police station, against both of Ibrahim Essa, the editor of the Al-Dsotour daily newspaper, and  Magdi Arafaa, a journalist at the same newspaper, because of  publishing an article about the torture of a blind citizen and his family in Al-Marg police station by the adjutant.

The newspaper had published an article entitled “a new drama by the Interior Ministry” which stated that the officer arrested a blind citizen, and forced him to confess that he had committed a crime, which he didn’t commit in reality, after torturing him, which the citizen denied.


The citizen confirmed in the police record that he was not subjected to any kind of torture within the station, and that he was treated with respect, as he put it.

Then, the officer filed a lawsuit of insult in which he called for punishing the defendants and forcing them to pay 2001 pounds as a financial compensation for the financial and moral harm that affected him.