Postponing the appeal petition submitted by Muslim brotherhood’s families to next August 18

South Cairo Court decided on its meeting today, Tuesday June 19, 2007 to consider the petition submitted by 29 businessmen, their spouses, and their minor children against the ruling of the Criminal Court on freezing their properties and possessions according to the judgment of February 28, 2007 to defer the court to August, 18 2007.
The defense has appealed on June 3, 2007 to determine this meeting and consideration.

For her part, the wife of Egyptian reformist and currently detained in the group of reformers who has been honorable referred to the military trials “Hassan Malik”  pressed to IkhwanWeb website during the appeal today that the state now throwing lots of elite society to prisons and military trials. She added that the reports and decisions to be made in the course of these trials have been prepared before the trial; “it comes from decisions of the authorities, and it is trampling of the rules to a group of reformers who did not demonstrate against any illegal practices.” She commented.

Mrs. Malik said: “My husband and other reformers are trying to build Egypt and invest their money inside, and what the state does now is considered destroying the nation and not reforming it. Such honorable people would be respected and appreciated strongly if they go to work in any other country, because they would honored the country and would always try to bring it all to the best. However, what the State practicing with them now is considered the work of the Devil; it doesn’t have any kind of respect for this group of reforms or even to human rights in general.”

About the freezing decision she commented, “The rule of freezing on all our money and properties is really unfair. They regime are fighting against a group of reformers because they are advocates of the right and dealing Affairs and the morality of Islam. They fight them because they do not make private benefits like many others in power do from the Authority.”

For his part, member of the defense counsels, Mr. Mustafa Aldumery, to IkhwanWeb website: “The court has been postponed to August 18, 2007 and that simply because the issue had not been included to the case essentially. Only the appeal is included, but the Attorney General’s decision and the criminal court decision were not included! They have not yet been brought to the case. And the decision to postpone is expected for this reason.”

Mr. Abdel Maksoud, head of defense counsels, agreed with Mr. Aldumery and  he regretted that the postponement was for the month of August, not in this month.”