Postponing Trial Of Al Maidan Journalist To November 20

Postponing Trial Of Al Maidan Journalist To November 20

Omrania Criminal Court decided to postpone the trial of Ahmad Abu Zeyada, a journalist in Al Maidan newspaper accused in the case fabricated by an officer in Giza Security Department, to the meeting of November 20, the next, until the attendance of Mr. Makram Mohamed Ahmed, the chief of Journalists Syndicate, according to the request of the journalist”s defense.

The court decided in the last meeting which was held last Thursday, to release Abu Zeyada who attended the meeting after the prosecution”s decision to refer him to the trial.

The events returned to last week when the journalist Abu Zeyada learned that one of his relatives was arrested by one of the police”s ambush in Al Haram Street, so he went there to know what has happened, and during his discussion with the officer to know the truth, an altercation and a quarrel occurred, then the journalist was arrested by the officer and referred  to Al Omrania Police Station, where he was surprised by a number of officers assaulted him, and dragged him on the ground, then put him in the prison of AL Omrania Police Station, after that they presented him to the prosecution, accusing him of assaulting a police officer in Giza Security Department, and of the attempt to help  one of his relatives to escape.

 Abu Zeyada “s wife stated to “Freedom Coast” who works as reporter in the same newspaper, that what had happened to her husband was fabricated by the police officer, and instead the fact that her husband is the victim, they made him the perpetrator, and that may be returned to the powers which police officers have and which enable them to fabricate the charges to anyone who contradicts them.

Sayed Abu Zeid, the lawyer of Journalists Syndicate, surprised by the rapid procedures taken by the prosecution to refer the case to the trial, and expressed his fear of that.