• Torture
  • December 16, 2008
  • 4 minutes read

Postponing Trial of Three Torture Suspects

Postponing Trial of Three Torture Suspects

Cairo Criminal Court decided on Sunday to postpone examining the case of the three police officers who were accused of beating and torturing citizen Mustafa Labib Hamdan by electric shocks in different parts of his body which led to his death, to next Thursday at the request of the defense of the accused.

The accused police officers include Major General Faraj Ghraib Mahmoud (West Cairo inspector), Colonel Khaled Moussa, Lt. Col. Abdul Aziz Mohammed (in Assiut security department) and Anwar Saad (police officer in Shubra bureau of investigation).

The events of this incident return to July 2002, when the family of Mustafa Hamdan Labib (32 years old- unemployed) was surprised that one of the defendants arrested in Shubra Police Station informing them that their son “Mostafa” was transferred to Shubra Public Hospital.

The family rushed to the hospital and discovered the death of their son, and when they saw the body they were surprised by the effects of torture and electric shocks in different parts of his body.

The doctor told Mustafa”s family that the victim came to the hospital with these injuries and died after moments of his arrival, so the victim”s family record the incident and accused the officers of Shubra Police Station of torturing him to death.

The prosecution investigated into the incident, and the defendants confirmed in the investigations that the victim was in a state of rampage so he hit his head in the terrace of the prison.

While the forensic report confirmed the existence of bruises and electric shocks on the body which led to the death of the victim, as the electric shock led the crucial parts in the brain and the heart to stop functioning, then he stopped breathing.