Pottering: EP Will Continue to Address Human Rights Issues in Egypt

Pottering: EP Will Continue to Address Human Rights Issues in Egypt

During a joint press conference with Egyptian People’s Assemply Speaker, Hans-Gert Pottering, the European Parliament (EP) speaker, confirmed that the EP decision to condemn the human rights situation in Egypt last January was approved by all political powers within the parliament. He pointed out that the human rights issue inside Egypt will constitute a major part of the discussion during thr talks of the Egyptian-European Union joint committee which is poised to be formed.

Pottering confirmed also that everything mentioned in the resolution of the European Parliament around the human rights sittuation in Egypt is based on accurate and true information, and that this resolution was passed after intense talks and dialogues among various political groups. He called on the Egyptian People”s Assembly to see the resolution as one of the instruments that the European Parliament uses to press for dialogue around democracy and human rights issues between Europe and its partners.

The EP Speaker added that the European Parliament gives due care to Egypt because of its position and due to ongoing concerns about democracy, freedoms and human rights situations.

He stressed that even in his capacity as a Speaker of the EP; he does not have the power to amend the resolution of condemning the human rights file in Egypt, because this resolution was issued by majority of MEPs.

He added that issues like terrorism and the extremism should neve be used as a covert for human rights violations in any place in the world.

It is worth mentioning that Egyptian officials have strongly opposed European Parliament resolution that lashed out at the human rights situation in Egypt. Some Egyptian officials decided to boycott meetings with the European Parliament after its report about the human rights situation inside Egypt was issued.

For his part, Fathi Sorour, the Egyptian People”s Assembly speaker, declared ending the Egyptian parliament”s boycott to the European Parliament and confirmed that he will attend the next meeting.