Poverty is the Main Reason for the Increase of Crime Rate in Egypt

Poverty is the Main Reason for the Increase of Crime Rate in Egypt

A report: Poverty is the Main Reason for the Increase of Crime Rate in Egypt

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Poverty in Egypt:

A report, released by an Egyptian organization for human right, stressed that poverty is the fundamental drive for most of crimes committed in Egypt, recently. The report, which included an observation and an analysis of the content of accident articles in a number of Egyptian newspapers between 1st March-30th June, reviewed the negative impacts of poverty that push some people to commit crimes, some of which are barbaric, in order to escape the cruelty of poverty. This is considered to be a threat to the social stability and a violation to its values.

The report, released by Dialogue Assembly for Development and Human Right, showed that the number of poverty-related crimes, during this period, was 179, at a rate of 1.6 crimes daily, while the number of offenders was 360.

During the four months, Cairo comes in the first rank where 80 crimes were committed. In the second rank is occupied by Giza governorate where 30 crimes were committed. In Alexandria and Karbia, the rate was 17 crimes.

In the fourth rank comes Qina governorate, with 10 crimes, followed by Kalyoubeya and Sohage with 7 crimes. Then, Behara governorate takes the sixth rank, with 5 crimes. There were 4 crimes committed in Fyuom and Sherqia governorates. Governorates of Monofia, Asuit, Luxor, and Kafr El-Shak hold the eighth position, with 2crimes per each. Governorates of Isma”lia, Wahat Baharia, Bani Suaf, Aswan, and North Sinai take the last position, with a crime per each.

The report added that poverty was the prime motive for committing 98 murders, 43 thefts, and 13 beggaries. Furthermore, poverty pushed 15 persons to commit suicide. Regarding the education of those offenders was as following: 15 persons are university graduates, 23 offenders have received vocational education, and more than 166 are illiterates, while the education of 146 accused persons is unknown.

As for the sex of offenders, there were 294 men, moreover, there were 57 crimes committed by females. In addition, juveniles have committed 109 crimes. Stuff lost in poverty-motive crimes, whether money or objects, ranged between 5 pounds to 2000.

Poverty-related crimes inside a family or among relatives amount to 75, at a rate of 38.1% comparing to other crimes contained in the report.

Besides, the report added that governorates of Red Sea, Portsaid, Swiss, South Sinai, and Wady El-Geded are free of poverty-motive crimes.

The report, furthermore, called for adopting new social and domestic projects in order to support the poor people. It also indicated the need for enhancing the resources of the Social Fund for Development with a view to provide job opportunities for youth and remove the distinction between city and countryside as regard the health and medical service.