PPA: IOF soldiers detained 65 Palestinians in Al-Khalil last month

PPA: IOF soldiers detained 65 Palestinians in Al-Khalil last month

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 65 Palestinians in Al-Khalil district in April including a mother of four children, the Palestinian prisoners association (PPA) said.

The PPA said in its monthly report published on Monday that the IOF troops used police dogs in their raids on Al-Khalil homes to terrorize its inhabitants and assaulted a big number of those detained.

The report pointed out that the arrests included three citizens suffering kidney, heart, and asthma ailments, noting that even a disabled man was detained after destroying all of his furniture along with a mentally disturbed patient who should take pills on regular basis to treat his condition.

It said that another 48-year-old woman was detained for two days to pressure her son to give himself up to the IOF.

The IOF troops also arrested two children and moved nine of the detainees to interrogation centers in Askalan and Maskobeh.

The PPA appealed to the human rights groups to pay more attention to the IOF escalated targeting of Al-Khalil.

Meanwhile, the Israeli radio reported on Monday that a special IOF unit last night arrested four Palestinians in Beit Ummar village in Al-Khalil on suspicion of throwing stones on several occasions over the past two weeks at a nearby settlement.

It added that the IOF soldiers detained five other citizens in the districts of Qalqilia, Ramallah and Bethlehem.