PPH calls on poets of the world to help save Palestinian culture and heritage

PPH calls on poets of the world to help save Palestinian culture and heritage

The Palestine Poetry House (PPH) called on poets of the world on their annual day to support the Palestinian people in their struggle for justice using their poetry in a statement issued on 21 March 2010.

“This is the day when your celebrate your pens, words and creativity … the day when you stand up in joy declaring that poetry in the world is the language of the peoples, humanity’s heart, and the conscience of culture, identity and heritage,” the statement read.

The PPH went on to say that the poets of Palestine, in the occupied homeland and in exile, celebrate the annual spring festival of poetry despite the presence of the Zionist occupation which does its best to kill any Palestinian creativity.

The PPH explained that the festival is marred because of the occupation through the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people, including the killing of unarmed civilians, the stealing of mosques, the besieging of churches, the demolition of homes and the persecution of the indigenous population.

“O poets of the world: We invite you on this day to support us and to support Palestine with your poems in rejection of murder and oppression,” the PPH said.

The PPH further called on poets to let their poems reflect their support for justice that would enable the poets of Palestine return to their land, homes, holy shrines and enjoy  freedom and independence like other poets around the world.