PRC: The battle for the Aqsa has started

PRC: The battle for the Aqsa has started

GAZA, (PIC)– The battle for the holy Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem has begun and all Mujahideen should prepare to sacrifice all for the sake of protecting the holy site, Abu Abir, the spokesman, of the popular resistance committees said on Thursday.


He said in a statement that the Israeli occupation authority”s aggressions on the Aqsa Mosque did not stop ever since the attempt to burn the Aqsa on this day 39 years ago to the current ceaseless diggings and excavations that threaten the Mosque”s very foundations.


He said that the IOA attempts to judaize occupied Jerusalem and the massacres against worshippers in the Aqsa would not deter the Mujahideen from protecting the sacred Mosque.


The crimes and attacks that target Al-Haram Al-Sharif (the Nobel Sanctuary) whether committed by Zionist fanatic groups or parties affiliated with the government were all blessed by the Israeli government, the spokesman said, warning that the Hebrew state would pay dearly in the event the Aqsa was endangered.


Abu Abir asked the Islamic masses to mobilize their potentials and unite their efforts in support of the Aqsa and to work for liberating it and protecting it from Zionist schemes that aim at demolishing it and building the alleged temple in its place.