Preparations for “Hope” convoy to Gaza accelerating

Preparations for “Hope” convoy to Gaza accelerating

The preparations for the European “Hope” convoy due to arrive early May from Italy in the besieged Gaza Strip are going on at a rapid pace in the framework of efforts undertaken by pro-Palestine organizations in Europe to break the Israeli siege imposed on the Strip.

Rami Abdo, the coordinator of the Hope trip, said that ten fully-equipped ambulances will participate in the convoy, six of them were donated by Danish organizations, two by Swiss organizations and two other ambulances in addition to medical devices were donated by French organizations.

Abdo added that the ambulances and aid trucks will be driving towards Milan in Italy, and then all of them will be loaded onto a ship that would sail from Milan towards Alexandria seaport in Egypt. After arriving in Egypt the convoy would then drive towards the Rafah border crossing.

Several physicians, surgeons and specialists will also be accompanying the convoy to perform surgeries for sick and injured Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The convoy also includes wheelchairs, crutches, hearing aids and other urgently needed medical equipment.