• May 20, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

President Determined to Develop, Rejuvenate Sinai Peninsula

President Determined to Develop, Rejuvenate Sinai Peninsula

 During a meeting with a number of political party and movement leaders, President Mohamed Morsi stressed that he does not negotiate with criminals and that state sovereignty is safeguarded and enforced, and further confirmed that he is keen on full development of the Sinai region.

Meanwhile, Omar Amer, a spokesman for the Presidency, stated that: "During the meeting, President Morsi held an open dialogue regarding efforts to release the kidnapped soldiers and the various dimensions of this issue, which are being studied in great detail in order to secure their release, and arrest responsible criminals, ensuring that no such incidents can be repeated in the future.

"President Morsi reaffirmed that there is no disagreement between the institution of the Presidency and any State authority on this subject, contrary to false reports by certain hostile media. There is continuous coordination with the Ministries of Defense and Interior in this regard.

"On the other hand, the President stressed his commitment to the development of Sinai in a comprehensive rejuvenation project, and assured that this development will cover various economic, social and educational dimensions. He also confirmed his determination and resolve for Egypt to have full control over its own will, through economic and developmental paths, with increased production and complete security."

Amer added that President Morsi listened to the views and suggestions of political figures attending the meeting concerning the development of the Sinai Peninsula and achieving security and stability.