• December 7, 2014
  • 5 minutes read

President Mohamed Morsi Court Remarks on his Forced Disappearance

President Mohamed Morsi Court Remarks on his Forced Disappearance

 President Mohamed Morsi, illegally detained by the military coup commanders in Egypt, revealed the mysteries of his forced disappearance.

During another session of his trial Saturday, he said:

I was detained at the Republican Guard building from July 3, 2013 until Friday, July 5 when the Guard commander forcibly moved me away. On Friday, July 5, the Guard commander came to me and said: "You have to leave". I replied: "I am the President of the Republic. Who do you take your orders from?" He said: "From those outside".

I understood he was following orders from the coup commander. He took me by force onto a plane that took me towards the Suez Canal to the east, then mount Ataka. Then, we took off again, to Fayed Airport. Finally, I was left in Alexandria, in what I knew as the Egyptian Navy’s frogmen base. I was held there from the evening of July 5 until November 4, 2013.

Shortly afterwards, I read in the newspapers that someone had interviewed and photographed me. In fact, I had not come into contact with anyone in that place except eight members of the Republican Guard, Justice Hassan Samir, the investigating judge; Justice Ibrahim Saleh, head of Masr Al-Gadida prosecution service, and 4 judges that I know by name…

"Who is supposed to have photographed me?"

"At that location, no-one entered my place of confinement except those who brought me water or whatever. Absurdly, I heard in this courtroom that the Interior Minister considered that frogmen unit a high-security prison. But does the Minister of Interior have the authority to issue a decision to ‘annex’ such an armed forces unit?

I do not want to discuss details that touch on national security. However, I was not in the Republican Guard building on July 8. This is not true.

President Morsi said, addressing the judge presiding over the court session:

If you’d like to hold a special closed-door session in the presence of Field Marshal Tantawi and Lieutenant General Sami Anan, and the defense minister that I appointed, to know what was going on behind the scenes. I would certainly prefer that.

I am not saying that Tantawi and Annan are linked to the coup, but to relevant information. I would like a secret session to tell you – for the record – what really happened, what Egypt did for Palestine and what I did for Egypt’s national security during my time in office.

I do not want to reveal any details pertaining to national security. I have a lot of such details that require a special closed-door session.