• July 16, 2015
  • 3 minutes read

President Mohamed Morsi Message to the People of Egypt

President Mohamed Morsi Message to the People of Egypt

To the great people of Egypt…

I wish you all a happy end of Ramadan, especially the patriotic men and women of the Revolution. Every day that passes by while I am in this cell increases my faith in the justice of the cause we all believe in, the Revolution that we will complete to ultimate victory. Every night that passes increases my awareness of the fragility of these traitorous monsters, so in my eyes they look smaller and smaller.

Our Revolution has passed, and still passes, through historic curves typical of all revolutions, in the conflict of interests between those who seek after their own personal interests and those who stand for their principles. Our Revolution will earn its proper place in the history of nations and peoples. The message we carry makes me see the junta’s judgments, verdicts and gallows as nothing but the final death throes of their illegitimate regime, which is burning the homeland, draining its resources, impoverishing its people, breaking the dignity of Egyptians, and undermining the homeland’s international standing.

We will do our best endeavors for our homeland. We will stand steadfast in our Revolution, and it will achieve its objectives. We will save our Egypt from this authoritarian junta.

My will has not weakened, nor has my determination. My unshakable confidence in victory knows no bounds.

Your Revolution will be studied by all peoples, so persist to victory, for in it lies the salvation of this homeland.

Close ranks, do not be divided among yourselves, so you would not weaken and fall apart.

At the end of the holy month of Ramadan, I wish your Revolution a near triumph.

Mohamed Morsi

President of the Arab Republic of Egypt